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GPU vs CPU - GPU rendering vs Software CPU rendering


Scene 1 - up to 6x  faster

Unbiased rendering and Physically based full global illumination

The most similar render for compare the speed and quality is CPU render, Arnold, because it uses also Path tracing.

The scene is very complicated for ray tracing and all scene is lit by indirect - 4x bounced light with brute force.

In FurryBall setup there is 400 rays for 14 min render and 200 rays for 6:30 render with our Noise reduction filter. 


200 rays + Noise reduction

400 rays - NO Noise reduction


Scene 2  - 14x faster
Biased rendering

The simple cartoon-like scene without reflections.  Just two lights and raytraced shadows.




Test workstation: 

Intel Core i7-930 2,80 GHz, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan - 6 GB Memory
Because every renderer has totally a different setting, there is no possible to have the same settings. We tried to set the optically similar quality for each renderer. We set brute force in all renderer (without any tweaking).


Do you have any doubts with our times? Please test yourself

Here is possible to download 3DS Max (Mental Ray setup) and Maya 2014 scene (FurryBall 4.8 setup).
We will be happy if you provide us with your TIME, CPU config and IMAGES to mail: