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FurryBall RT - Features


Supported Applications and System

Maya 64bit - 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2016 ext2  / 2017 / 2018

Cinema 4D - R15 / R16 / R17 / R18 / R19

3DS Max (alpha version) - 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018

64 bit - Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Server, Windows 10

Rendering core

  • Asynchronous progressive rendering
  • 10x faster viewport response than FurryBall 4.8
  • Full Multi-GPU support - unlimited number of cards 
  • CUDA OptiX based renderer 
  • Direct rendering to viewport, render view, file, IPR, including render region
  • Playblast rendering supported
  • Biased and Unbiased rendering 
  • Gamma correction
  • Shadow terminate fix 
  • Easy interface - Quality can be tuned by single parameter 
  • Separate features
  • Tile rendering - unlimited output resolution
  • Multipass Depth of field with bokeh effect 
  • Realistic Motion blur Video
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Matte rendering with color matte
  • Environment fog, post process glow 
  • Max ray intensity parameter

Standalone and Import / Export features

  • Import / Export from - Maya to Cinema 4D, Cinema 4D to Maya (all supported features include Particles, Fluids, XGen, Shave...)
  • Standalone rendering without home application

       Standalone version and Import / Export features

Physically-based full global illumination(Nvidia Only)

  • Image based lighting - HDR support - Unlimited number of Environments and Dome lights.
  • Physically based lights
  • Unlimited light bounces
  • Raytraced refraction and reflections
  • Brute force path tracing

Maya Fluids and Particles

  • Support for Fluids and Particles - Video 
  • Krakatoa (partly support over export)

Full 3D Stereo support (FurryBall 4.8 only)

  • Real-time preview in ANAGLYPH, SIDE BY SIDE, INTERLACED
  • Advanced 3D stereo tweaking utility (visualization of disparity, problematic disparity)
  • Render 3D Stereo in one EXR

Maya, Cinema 4D Hair, Shave & Haircut 

  • Fur textures, alpha, control maps, specular reflection
  • Vegetation shading option (normal map, translucency) 
  • (Yeti come soon we hope)

Lighting and Shading

  • HDRI texture lighting
  • Spot, point, ambient, directional and area lights supported
  • Filtered shadows, variable penumbra (light size)
  • Raytraced shadows 
  • Indirect lighting - raytraced 
  • Object can be used as light source
  • Image based lighting, HDR support 
  • Mesh light emitting, Environment light
  • Light sets 


  • Polygon meshes
  • Maya Hairs, Shave&Haircut
  • Cinema 4D Hairs
  • Curves
  • Subdivision and Displacement (based on Open sub div)
  • Vector Displacement
  • Maya Fluids 
  • Maya nParticles and Particles
  • Instances (very optimized and fast)
  • Maya BiFrost (mesh rendering)
  • Maya xGen (splines and spheres only)
Fur, Hair and vegetation fur using alpha texture                                                                                          Base, subdivided and displaced mesh 


  • Layered material with alpha masks - unlimited layers
  • Raytraced SSS with texture blending into object 
  • Possible to set Physical correct Materials
  • Advanced FurryBall material (anisotropic) 
  • Advanced FurryBall hair shader
  • Almost Complete Maya Shader tree and utilities
  • Arnold standard material - almost fully supported.  Samples.
  • Basic support for some Maya, Cinema 4D, Mental Ray, V-Ray materials
  • Cinema 4D basic material and light as well
  • Maya lambert, Blinn, Phong, Phong E, anisotropic, Ramp
  • Raytraced refractions, reflections 
  • Shadow catcher per object
  • Transparency exit color 
  • Carpaint material with 2 specular and flakes
  • Displacement, Bump, Normal maps
  • Subsurface scattering (SSS) and translucency
  • Alpha (cutout) opacity
  • Edge fresnel effect
  • Toon shader with contours
  • Ramp shader with texture support
  • Supports for layered textures and procedural 2d Maya textures
  • Image sequence textures
  • High resolution textures like CPU renders 


Maya Fluids and Particles                                                                                                          Special FurryBall SSS with blending texture into object 



  • Unlimited number of textures - up to 16K per texture
  • Substance procedural textures 
  • Layered textures
  • Support procedural textures in Maya and 3DS Max
  • Support for all Maya image formats (PSD, tiff, TGA, BMP, etc.)

Post-process effect

  • Real-time update without no need re-render image
  • Output Gamma, Material Gamma, Light Gamma
  • Exposure / Saturation
  • Simple Chromatic Aberration
  • Interactive post-processes (tune post processes without re-rendering) (Glow, Chromatic Aberration, Gamma, Color levels, 3-way color correction...)
  • Interactive post-process Noise reduction (The whole image compare)



Ambient occlusion pass                                                                                                                                                 Maya nParticles



  • Multipass rendering output
  • Including Depth, AO, specular, indirect light, reflection, normals, wireframe, diffuse, reflection, shadow, color matte and much more
  • Matte pass with unlimited color matte
  • Texture baking  - bake your scene into texture (Beauty, reflections, shadows, AO... and much more channels include UV, Normals..)
  • Maya render layers
  • 360° Spherical map camera
  • Shadow catcher material 
  • Float, 32bit, 16bit, 8bit
  • UNLIMITED Output resolution (Tiles rendering)
  • Fully customize HUD (Heads-up display) - for Previz playblast purposes 
HUD render 

Fully customize HUD (Heads-up display) - for Previz playblast purposes                                                                   Únlimited colored matte



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