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What is FurryBall?

FurryBall is incredibly fast GPU production quality UNBIASED and BIASED final frame renderer (pathtracer), with real-time viewport preview. We developed FurryBall specially for the purposes of CGI animated movies, VFX and movie rendering. Our studio produced in FurryBall full length CGI feature for cinemas in 2012. The latest version FurryBall RT is extra simple and easy to use for artist - you can tune whole image quality with only single parameter, if you want.


Your single computer becomes a very powerfull renderfarm. FurryBall offers advanced raytracing techniques (path tracing), direct support for Maya and Cinema 4D, (3DS Max in version FurryBall 4.8). Each license come with ALL THREE plugins for free. It mean, you can use your FurryBall on Maya, Cinema 4D or 3DS Max. FurryBall fully supports multi GPU rendering for scalable GPU accelerated final frame rendering.

The renderer was developed by AAA studio and has been used on many productions since 2008 by Blizzard, Valve, Microsoft, Hydrogen Whiskey Studios, Nickelodeon, Xantus, WinSing, Cluster Studio, Moon Bites, WinSing, Pixals, Full Dimensional and many more.

FurryBall offers all required features and high quality as regular CPU renders. 


4K rendering in Stereo - 5 min rendertime

Why use GPU?

  • Up to 3x-15x faster than conventional CPU ray tracing
  • Much cheaper (3x-15x less rendering units than CPU render)
  • Realtime preview in Maya or Cinema window.
  • Easy scalable (Multi GPU on single computer)
  • More artistic freedom (much faster results)
  • Less heating and electricity consumption (less rendering units)


GPU vs. CPU rendering speed compare

What do you get?

You will get actually two incredibly fast renderers in one package. You can render your previz or cartoon in real-time with Fur, soft shadows, unlimited lights and textures, Displacement, SSS, AO, DOF, MB or Maya Fluids and Particles. You can fully customize HUD texts in render viewport for Previz playblast purposes. -Even in 3D stereo with many formats.

When you need uncompromising quality, you can just turn ANY of features to Raytrace and you will get Physically-based full global illumination unbiased photorealistic raytrace engine.

You can see render not only in real-time in your viewport, but you can of course render to image files, use different passes, and much more - just like with a regular final frame renderer.
One license package contains all three  plugins for free Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max and Cinema 4D.

FurryBall is a complex rendering solution for your pipeline. FurryBall gives you complete artistic freedom. Save your time and money.


HUD render
Fully customize HUD (Heads-up display) - for Previz playblast purposes 

Comparison tests

According our comparison tests GPU ray tracing with FurryBall is up to 3x-15x faster than CPU raytracers in same visual quality.



Why FurryBall?

Up to this date almost ALL GPU renderers have many technical problems and limitations (memory, texture number limits, output size, quality, lack of features), FurryBall deals with all of these:
You will get ALL THREE plugins for FREE (Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D)

  • Unbiased and Biased rendering

  • Hair, Fur, Fluids, Particles, Displacement

  • Unlimited output resolution 

  • NO precalculation

  • Unlimited number of textures

  • Unlimited number of lights

  • Raytraced Physically-based full global illumination ray tracing

  • and much more


News in version 4


Stop wasting time and your money waiting for your render, work in real-time right now! You can switch between preview and final rendering simply by changing your preset. Do you want to see the dynamic behaviour of your character’s hair? Shake it! Do you need to change the amount of reflection or index of refraction? Change it in real-time! Do you want to render into layers? Just make your choice... 


System requirements

System requirements are discussed on System requirements page.