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Release Notes - FurryBall RT


Release  1.0.3715rc (june 2015)

Added motion blur on particles
Added max transparency depth for shadow rays
Some speedup without motion blur
Fixed crash when mesh or hair polygons count changed
Fixed particles in playblast if no particles generated on first frame
Fixed dome light in shadow pass
Fixed Maya 2013 & 2012
Added support for Maya 2011
Fixed thickness coefficient
Some other fixes
Because of some problems with newest graphics drivers versions, we recommend to use drivers 347.88

Release 1.0.3701b

Added support for particles -
Added motion blur in playblast
Fixed subsurface scattering diffuse radius if sss disabled
Fixed bug in ambient occlusion
Fixed drivers problem with some cards

Release 1.0.3690b

Added Motion Blur
Fixed memory leak
Fixed subsurface scattering with disabled Use surface color attribute
Fixed render sequence into file
Added basic particles support (sphere & point types)
Known issue: Fluids causes crashing on Fermi cards with drivers 353.06 (use 347.88 instead)

Release 1.0.3674b

Fixed license expiration bug
Fixed rays count bug
Fixed bug with opening render settings in Maya 2015

Release 1.0.3672b (May 2015)

Added support for Maya 2016
Added glow effect
Added support for all Maya image formats (PSD, tiff, tga, bmp, etc.)
Fixed loading textures with resolution greater than 8192x4096 on older devices
Fixed Car Paint material
Some other fixes

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