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FurryBall RT Roadmap

We are preparing some new features for next version. The main ones are shown here. If you have some new feature, which you absent in FurryBall or you want to discuss about our roadmap, please visit our forum and tell us.


High priority features


  • VCA support
  • Bake into textures (light maps, AO, SSS...) - Flatiron plugin for example
  • PTEX
  • Yeti, Krakatoa and FumeFX waits for support from plugin developers to help us with implementation.
  • Linux version
  • OSX Version - There is a problem with Apple version at the moment - all the latest Mac Pro computers support just AMD graphics cards, no NVIDIA. So until Apple will not support NVIDIA cards again, this makes no sense to create OSX version. Sorry.  ;-(

Other features

  • Sun and Sky