FurryBall 5 Roadmap

We are preparing some new features for next version. The main ones are shown here. If you have some new feature, which you absent in FurryBall or you want to discuss about our roadmap, please visit our forum and tell us.

High priority features

  • Much faster render for Indirect  (up to 10x faster than FurryBall 4)
  • Faster response in plugins / new rendering core
  • Raytrace Motion blur
  • Bake into textures (light maps, AO, SSS...) - Flatiron plugin for example
  • Linux and OSX version
  • Hairs (Cinema 4D)
  • Shave and Haircut support (3DS Max internal hair system)

  • Maya Hair rendering

  • Hair Farm (Max)

  • All curve rendering, new Hair material

  • Particles (Cinema 4D, 3DS Max)
  • Raytraced Maya Fluids

Other features

  • Sun and Sky
  • 3DS Max Multiscatter support

Furryball Still-life Challenge

Very nice challenge, we prepared for your with 3D Concept Art.
Informations, prizes and rules on this link.
Deadline 14th June 2015

FurryBall RT

The first introduction of FurryBall RT
Speech and live demo from GTC 2015
San Jose, CA

New Customer's stories

Nice FurryBall reel from Pixelnkt
by Natal Hoff

FREE version without watermark, now!

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