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What is GPU rendering? 

GPU rendering means, that there is used the power of GPU (Graphics card) for rendering, instead of CPU (processor).

Conventional CPUs (Intel, AMD) didn't make such dramatic progress, like GPUs in last 10 years. What is GPU rendering - NVIDIA article



GPU rendering is definitely the future of rendering. One single customer GPU has the same power as the huge and expensive Features selection in reflections computer clusters with many CPUs.

GPU rendering doesn't load you CPU at all - much faster work on your system.

GPU rendering is incredibly fast and less power hungry. Since you will need fewer computers for the same performance, it is also much CHEAPER.




Why use FurryBall?

Up to this date almost ALL GPU renderers have many technical problems and limitations (memory, texture limits, output size, quality, lack of features), FurryBall deals with all of these:

  • Up to 3x - 15x faster than conventional CPU ray tracing
  • Much cheaper (3x-15x less rendering units than CPU)

  • Doesn't load you CPU at all - much faster work on your system.

  • Easy scalable (Multi-GPU on single computer)
  • More artistic freedom (much faster results)
  • Less heating and electricity consumption (less rendering units)
  • Unbiased and Biased rendering
  • Unlimited output resolution 
  • Hair and Fur
  • Displacement
  • NO precalculation
  • Unlimited number of textures
  • Unlimited number of lights
  • Raytraced Physically-based full global illumination ray tracing
  • and much more

Only one FurryBall  license has the power to replace up to 3-15 computers with CPU renderer in your render farm! FurryBall is FULLY GPU-based renderer - not just CPU/GPU hybrid.

Stop wasting time and your money waiting for your render, work in real-time right now! You can switch between preview and final rendering simply by changing your preset. Do you want to see the dynamic behaviour of your character’s hair? Shake it! Do you need to change the amount of reflection or index of refraction? Change it in real-time! Do you want to render into layers? Just make your choice... 


What is the best GPU for FurryBall