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Regular license

All licenses include all three plugins (Maya, Cinema 4D and 3DS Max) for free.

FurryBall permanent
259 EUR 195 EUR

License includes 1 month Maintenace subscription for free.
You can order 1 year Support and Maintenace for just 99,- EUR during the purchase.

Credit version

Credit version is described in more detail here

FurryBall 100 hours credit
99 EUR(0.99 per hour)


Upgrade from any older version to the latest release of FurryBall RT

Upgrade license to FurryBall RT
149 EUR

You can upgrade from any older FurryBall version (1,2,3,4) or after 6 months your Maintenace expired.

To upgrade a license, look it up in your Licenses section and click on 'Upgrade'.
Academic version

Special student and teacher version

EDU licence
89 EUR(7 per month)

1 year EDU licence - Special student and teacher version
More information about EDU licenses Rental license includes Maintenace subscription for whole period You have to be registered as EDU user for this product (you can register at your Profile page).

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