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Change your HWID

(Full version can be activated from our FREE version)

  1. Run FurryBall application. In License tab copy HWID from My computer HWID.
    (If you have not installed FurryBall, you can use this utility to obtain HWID)
  2. Go to your licenses and fill your HWID.
    Select your desired license and click on Activate. Paste your HWID into text field and submit it.
    Your license will be generated.
    (Be careful to fill WHOLE HWID without mistake)
  3. Download your created License file from web and put file into FurryBall installation directory.
    (You can change your HWID here on your account in the future)
  4. Run FurryBall application and change your License to Licensed version and point to your license.dat file.
    (If you have not installed FurryBall yet, you can download it here)