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12 May 2015

FurryBall RT - RevoluTion - RealTime - RayTrace

Let us introduce the new revolutionary FurryBall RT Beta, we worked on more than year and half.

We rewrote WHOLE core for you, thousands and thousands lines of the code.



Some of New Features

  • Now we are ready for Linux and OSX (hopefully come later)
  • Response in viewport is about 10x faster than in FurryBall 4.8
  • Easy interface - quality can be tuned by one parameter
  • Better quality
  • Unlimited number of GPUs 
  • Physically based materials and lights
  • Less GPU memory
  • Physically based DOF - NO extra render time!
  • Real Motion blur - Video
  • Maya Particles and NParticles - Video (Fume FX and Krakatoa come soon we hope)
  • Render passes - now NO extra render time
  • Unlimited layered shaders
  • IPR render support
  • Shave & Haircut and Maya hairs (Yeti come soon we hope)
  • Raytraced Maya Fluids
  • Improved Carpaint material
  • Ramp shader with texture
  • Hair shader
  • Open subdivision
  • Support for all Maya image formats (PSD, tiff, tga, bmp, etc.)
  • New FurryBall lights
  • Color matte pass (unlimited number of colors)
  • Support for Arnold, V-Ray and Mental Ray shaders
  • BiFrost - mesh rendering
  • Xgen come soon
  • Much, much more....


Help us to find bugs and improve the features. We are open your ideas. Please, write to our forum.


Happy rendering

FurryBall team

Download FurryBall RT


Supported Applications and System

Maya 64bit  2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016

(Cinema 4D hopefully come later this year)

64 bit - Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Server