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15 May 2015

Dear FurryBall users,

As you know, we are used to implement new features very fast and flexible. So, it was pity for you and also for us, that we had to "save" some features for new releases. It was the same situation with support new Maya in old releases for example.

We were thinking about fair and applicable policy for all.


Now we hope we have it - fair for users, and sustainable for us, bringing always new features and keep FurryBall up-to-date for you.

In the future, there will be NO MORE versions. Just FurryBall RT and anytime we will develop some feature, update or fix, we will release new build(Internally build 1.036, 1.067... - for example each week.)


When you purchase new FurryBall RT (or upgrade from older version) you will get 3 months free Maintenance subscriptions. During your Maintenance period, you can use any from new builds. When your Maintenance expired and you will not prolong it, your latest working FurryBall build will be the date of the end of your Maintenance.

You can prolong your Maintenance later (but not later than 6 months). More information is on the page on right.


How to buy FurryBall RT 

FurryBall customers can upgrade, renew Maintenance or buy Rental to use FurryBall RT Beta already. New customers can buy FurryBall RT with Maintenance now and they will get FurryBall 4.8 license too.


We hope you will like our new system and it will help us to improve FurryBall even better.


Happy rendering

Jan Tomanek - CEO


What to do?

Rental and FurryBall  users with Maintenance

Just log into our system and you will find your FurryBall RT version here. You can just activate it.


FurryBall users who bought version no earlier than 6 months ago

You can find button (Renew Maintenance) in your admin system. You can just purchase year Maintenance for 249,- EUR.

Your Maintenance will be valid from the date of your FurryBall 4 purchase. With Maintenance you will get FurryBall RT license.

For example - you have bought FurryBall 4 at 1st December 2014 - Your Year Maintenance will be valid retroactively from  December 2014 to  December 2015.


FurryBall 1,2,3 and 4 users with the purchase older than than 6 months

You will have to buy Upgrade to FurryBall RT with free 3 month Maintenance program by your system. If you like it, you can continue in this Maintenance program. If not, your latest working FurryBall build will be +3 months.


Rental version

You can always use the latest available version during your rental period (1-12 months). Your license will be always up to date, but you will not own it.

Your license will stop working after rental period expires.

Your license can be prolonged as many times you want, when your rental expires.