FurryBall 4 Competition / Challenge 2014

We are pleased to announce the FurryBall Competition 2014 for

2x FurryBall 4.x commercial license


From all received images we will select 2 winners and they will receive 
ONE YEAR FurryBall 4.x commercial license  



Everyday life  - Still life (cars included)

(realistic raytraced images)



July 30th 2014



HD rendered image (1920x1080) in FurryBall 4.x
(can be used Free license with watermark)

printscreen from your scene (Maya, 3DS Max or Cinema 4D)

rendertime and your HW spec


Submit to our forum or send to our e-mail: sales@aaa-studio.eu


Furryball Still-life Challenge

Very nice challenge, we prepared for your with 3D Concept Art.
Informations, prizes and rules on this link.
Deadline 14th June 2015

FurryBall RT

The first introduction of FurryBall RT
Speech and live demo from GTC 2015
San Jose, CA

New Customer's stories

Nice FurryBall reel from Pixelnkt
by Natal Hoff

FREE version without watermark, now!

You can use FurryBall for NON-Commercial use like final render, now. For FREE!