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Credit version

Beside the classic licensed version, we offer FurryBall RT Credit version now. 

Every NEW computer gets 5 Credit  = 5 hours of UNLIMITED rendering

When you login in FurryBall application after install, you will get another 10 Credit!


NO restrictions - Unlimited resolution - NO watermark - NO waiting time


You can also ask for another up to 100 Free Credits in your account every month (Sending your images, tutorial, etc.)

How to get next Credits?

You can BUY new Credits, or you can receive Credits even for free.

One Credit = One Hour of rendering. Credits can be subtracted from your user account by a unlimited number of computers. Credits can be used like floating license system in fact.

You have to be ON-LINE and we count ONLY hours when you are rendering and we count each started hour.

When you create your account, you can login and see your credit usage. Your remaining credit is also visible in you FurryBall standalone application.

Credits for free

We want active users, so you can receive another up to 100 free Credit every month when you share with us your: Tutorials, Images, Videos, Articles on web or forums .

Credit history and form for applying for free Credits, you can find in your user account.

Licensed version

More information on the product page.

All supported features are shown on the Features page.

System requirements are listed on the System requirements page.

We believe that time is money.

Students and hobbyist have time, but NO money. So, when you will cooperate with us and you will be active, you can receive free Credit every month.

When you are a busy freelancer or studio, you will need use FurryBall more than 50 hours per month. You can buy extra Credit or Licensed version.

Easy and fair.