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Free Credit version

Every NEW computer gets 30 Credit  = 30 hours of UNLIMITED rendering

When you login in FurryBall application after install, you will get another 30 Credit for free EVERY month!


  • NO restrictions
  • Unlimited resolution
  • NO watermark and NO waiting time
  • Even For Commercial use
  • You have to be ON-LINE

When your free Credits expires, you can wait until the end of the month for another 30 Free Credits.

You can also ask for another up to 100 Free Credits in your account (Sending your images, tutorial, etc.)

Or you can purchase extra Credits in our shop.


Without Credits your FurryBall remains work but in Trial Watermarked modeMore info about credit version.

Trial Watermarked mode

  • Off-line mode
  • Free version must be activated and reactivated each 30 days over internet - never expires
  • Resolution limit is Full HD (1920x1080)
  • Can be used for evaluations, personal learning, experimentation, research

In the FurryBall Free version, all features of the standard version are enabled.

All supported features are shown on the Features page.

Licensed version

  • More information about Rental or Regular versions on the product page.


 DOWNLOAD FurryBall RT for Windows 64-BIT / Maya, 3DS Max (Alpha), Cinema 4D 


Download  contains all versions (CREDIT, TRIAL and LICENSED), Plugins and Standalone
System requirements and supported application versions


Differences between FurryBall RT and older FurryBall 4.8


Carlos Ortega Elizalde