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Dear users,

we are sorry to inform you, that we had to end development of our FurryBall after almost ten years!

We will give FurryBall for almost free to all users, but without any Maintenace and Support.
Because we have to keep our servers working, we have set the symbolic price 49,- EUR  per year.
Hope you will understand us and keep using FurryBall if it fits you.

Thanks for all those nice years with GPU rendering.

Your FurryBall team

Year rental license

  • License expires after one year and can be prolonged.

  • License contains all three plugins for free - Autodesk Maya,  Cinema 4D and 3DS Max.
  • The license is NODE locked (bound on MAC address) for single computer, but you can change single license between up to 3 different hardware (Number is limited because of piracy protection)
  • The license DOESN'T require an internet connection and can be activated off-line.
  • The number of GPUs in one licensed computer is UNLIMITED.
  • Include basic fixs and support over our forum.

  • more information in FAQ