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The Maintenance for permanent license 4.x cost 249,- EUR per year - include GOLD priority support (same business day) on our forum.

We are happy, our customers are satisfied with our support: "Your support is one of the great assets of Furryball and makes it stand apart from any renderer I've used! Thanks a lot for your fast replies and immediate bugfixes!!"


  • Other advanced product like Standalone, EDU for institutions, Floating license you can find here.

You will obtain license mostly in 1-2 hours during a business day - maximally next business day (depend on time zones and days off).
In case of any hardware problems or buying a new computer, we will generate a new licence on request (but only once a year).  For this request please use this form

License Type Count Price
Regular FurryBall 4.x Permanent License 599,- EUR
FurryBall Rental 1 year 459,- EUR
FurryBall Rental 6 months 259,- EUR
FurryBall Rental 3 months 159,- EUR
FurryBall Rental 1 month 69,- EUR
Upgrade FurryBall from 3 to 4.x 359,- EUR
FurryBall from 1 or 2 to 4.x 459,- EUR
Special FurryBall 4.x Non-Commercial buy now 359,- EUR
FurryBall EDU Rental 1 year request 199,- EUR
Volume discount
Total Price


FurryBall RT on GTC 2015

See the revolutionary FurryBall RT on GTC 2015 - GPU Technology Conference
3/17/2015 - San Jose, CA

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