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  • We offer PermanentRental and Credit versions.  freeVersion.html.png
  • The prices and volume discounts can be found in BUY section.  
  • FurryBall RT license contains all three plugins for free - Autodesk Maya,  Cinema 4D and 3DS Max.


  Credit version Watermarked
Trial mode

Regular license


Regular license


Regular license


License duration Activation each 30 days Activation each 30 days Unlimited 1 / 3 / 6 Months 12 Months
Free Upgrade YES YES


During Maintenance period

Free Support


just basic install problems


just basic install problems


During Maintenance period



just basic install problems

Commercial use YES NO YES YES NO


HD restriction



 just for activation



  • The license is NODE locked for single computer, but you can change single license between up to 3 different hardware (Number is limited because of piracy protection)
  • The Regular and Rental license DOESN'T require an internet connection and can be activated off-line.
  • The number of GPUs in one licensed computer is UNLIMITED.

Free Credit version

  • NO restrictions - Unlimited resolution - NO watermark - NO waiting time - NON-Commercial use - Evaluate
  • Every NEW computer gets 10 Credit  = 10 hours of FREE and UNLIMITED rendering
  • When you login in FurryBall application after install, you will get another 10 Credit for free.
  • You can also ask for another up to 100 Free Credits in your account every month (Sending your images, tutorial, etc.)
  • Or you can purchase extra Credits in our shop.

Trial Watermarked mode

  • Offline mode
  • Watermarked
  • Free version must be activated and reactivated each 30 days over internet - never expires
  • Resolution limit is Full HD (1920x1080)
  • Can be used for evaluations, personal learning, experimentation, research

Permanent (Regular) license

  • License never expires

  • With the license, you got 1 month Maintenace Subscription. During this period you will get all new FurryBall builds (updates, fix, support) for free. After one month you can renew your Maintenace.

  • The License of FurryBall is PERMANENT and bound to MAC address of your network card. In case of any hardware problems or buying a new computer, you can change your license to different computer (but no more than 3x per year)
  • Include basic support over our forum.

  • more information in FAQ

Rental license

  • Your license will be always up to date, but you will not own it.
  • During this period (1-6 months) all new FurryBall builds (updates, fix, support) for free (include Maintenance in fact)
  • Your license will stop working after rental period expires.
  • Your license can be prolonged as many times you want when your rental expires.
  • Include basic support over our forum.

  • more information in FAQ

Maintenance Subscription and Upgrade Policy for FurryBall RT

  • With the Maintenance, you will always get the latest FurryBall builds (updates, fix, priority support) for free, during your annual period
  • Thanks to Maintenace we can bring you always new features and keep FurryBall up-to-date. We believe it's fair for you, and sustainable for us.
  • When you purchase new FurryBall (or upgrade from the older version) you will get 1 month Maintenance subscriptions for free or you can order annual Maintenance for 199,- EUR with the license.  

  • When your Maintenace expired, you can still use your application, but your latest working FurryBall build will be the date of the end of your Maintenance.

  • Your prolonged Maintenace will ALWAYS begin from the date of your last expiration. For example, when your Maintenace expires in September and you will prolong it in December, your Maintenace will be valid retroactively from September to next September.
  • You can prolong your Maintenace later (but not later than 6 months from your Maintenance expire). After you have to buy Upgrade again.

  • Maintenance subscription for your permanent license cost 199,- EUR per year - can be annually prolonged
  • Include priority support on our forum.
    We are happy, our customers are satisfied with our support: "Your support is one of the great assets of Furryball and makes it stand apart from any renderer I've used! Thanks a lot for your fast replies and immediate bugfixes!!"

  • With rental licenses, there Maintenace included during WHOLE rental period.

EDU version

  • For students and teachers (more information)
  • Only one license can be purchased by the user. 
  • Supports only 2 GPUs.
  • Include low priority support over our forum.

FurryBall RT vs. FurryBall 4.8

  • FurryBall RT is the latest and most advanced product replacing old FurryBall 4.8 in all ways.

  • FurryBall RT is much faster, easier and better integrated - RT like RevoluTion, RealTime, Ray-Trace

  • Now RT installation contains all 3 plugins now. We will be glad for your comments.

  • You can download old FurryBall 4.8 version here if you wish.

  • More details and FurryBall 4.8 version in FAQ

You will obtain license mostly in 1-2 hours during a business day - maximally next business day (depend on time zones and days off).