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  • We offer Year rental license and Credit versions.  
  • The prices and volume discounts can be found in BUY section.  
  • FurryBall RT license contains all three plugins for free - Autodesk Maya,  Cinema 4D and 3DS Max.

Credit version

  • NO restrictions - Unlimited resolution - NO watermark
  • Every NEW computer gets 20 Credit  = 20 hours of FREE and UNLIMITED rendering
  • You can also ask for another up to 100 Free Credits in your account  (Sending your images, tutorial, etc.) or you can purchase extra Credits.
  • Credit users has to be ON-LINE.

Year rental license

  • License expires after one year and can be prolonged.

  • The license is NODE locked (bound on MAC address) for single computer, but you can change single license between up to 3 different hardware (Number is limited because of piracy protection)
  • The license DOESN'T require an internet connection and can be activated off-line.
  • The number of GPUs in one licensed computer is UNLIMITED.
  • Include basic fixs and support over our forum.

  • more information in FAQ

EDU version

  • For students and teachers (more information)
  • Only one license can be purchased by the user. 
  • Supports only 2 GPUs.
  • Include low priority support over our forum