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Release Notes

Release notes for FurryBall RT

Release notes for FurryBall 4

Release notes for FurryBall 3

Release notes for FurryBall 2

New features in version 1.3 (july 2010)

  • Support for Maya 2011
  • Texture and alpha mask for hair system - perfect for vegetation
  • 1bit Alpha masking in all supported Maya shaders
  • Planar mirrors with surface normals and bump maps
  • User editable HUD labels via python script
  • Support for Displacement Bound attributes directly from Maya

New features in version 1.2 (may 2010)

  • Realtime Subsurface scattering with presets (eg. human skin and wax shader)
  • Realtime Translucency rendering
  • Realtime Displacement maps (DX11 only)
  • New hair system with per-face selection and better Maya integration
  • DirectX 11 support
  • Multi-core CPU support for some operations
  • Triangle subdivisions (DX11 only)
  • Adaptive tesselation (distance, silhouette or displacement map adaptive)
  • Image sequence textures
  • Color balance for all textures

New features in version 1.1 (february 2010)

  • Realtime Depth of Field with real lens behavior (fast simulated method independent on scene complexity)
  • Realtime Ambient Occlusion (fast simulated method independent on scene complexity)
  • Realtime Color Bleeding (fast simulated method independent on scene complexity)
  • Normal maps support
  • Other render passes and many optimalizations
  • 32bit Windows and Maya are now supported

Features in FurryBall 1.0 (december 2009)

  • Fully GPU accelerated rendering
  • 30 - 300 times faster than software renderers
  • Fully integrated into Maya - any change is immediately visible in viewport
  • Efficient polygonal geometry handling and caching
  • Hierarchy of settings nodes
  • limited particle support
  • !! NO FLICKERING IN ANIMATION !! (Ambient occlusion, shadows, reflections...)
  • Different sampling methods
  • Supersampling and HW accelerated fullscreen antialiasing
  • Integrated post process effects (glow, blur)
Lighting and Shading
  • Unlimited number of lights
  • Extended support for Maya lights - ambient, directional, point, spot
  • Fast shadow casting for spotlights
  • Fully customizable soft shadows and variable penumbra shadows (simulated area light shadows)
  • Realtime Ambient Occlusion, reflections and refractions
  • Fully supported Maya materials - Lambert, Blinn, Phong, PhongE (custom shaders soon)
  • File texture compression and UV transformation
  • Per-pixel accurate transparency (up to 16 layers)
  • Fast simulated refractions
  • Two types of reflections - fast reflection maps and accurate planar mirrors
  • Blur, attenuation and other effects for reflections/refractions
Hair and Fur
  • Powerful hair system engine
  • Dynamic hair and fur using Maya dynamics
  • Hair geometry creation entirely on GPU
  • Very fast and effective hair/fur rendering
  • Millions of hairs rendered interactively with real lighting
  • Multipass support - every pass can be shown in viewport
  • Matte shadows and reflections pass
  • Matte object - (You can render just fur for example and using matte object add FurryBall hairs to images rendered in different renderer)
  • Many image file format support
  • Up to 32-bit floating point per channel output