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Release Notes

Release notes for FurryBall RT

Release notes for FurryBall 4

New features in version 3.2.3 (june 2013)

  • Nvidia TITAN and 7xx series driver fix
  • New Wireframe layer
  • Trial Reset (You can try FurryBall even if you already has version 3 installed)

New features in version 3.2.2 (february 2013)

  • Fixed bad pixels with Car paint shader
  • Fixed camera gate when camera offset is used
  • Fixed cast shadow parameter for area light

New features in version 3.2.1 (december 2012)

  • Fixed advanced refractions
  • Fixed environment maps background blur
  • Fixed displacement with more materials
  • Changed computing of displacement normals
  • Fixed depth pass with DOF
  • Fixed AO pass when is DOF or motion blur used
  • Fixed shadow color for ambient lights, add AO color in GI node
  • Fixed "viewport goes black" problem

New features in version 3.2 (november 2012)

  • Added priority sorting for fluids & particle systems
  • Added planar mirror explicit or relative normal and pivot position
  • Added support for render region into full resolution image
  • Added option to render only left/right/center in output node
  • Fixed ambient light and AO in SSS and carpaint material
  • Fixed particles with more lights
  • Fixed instancer problem with frustum culling when particle system moved
  • Fixed some texture callbacks
  • Fixed black edges in alpha channel with alpha mask
  • Fixed some features in region rendering
  • Fixed shadows from matte objects with more lights
  • Fixed alpha channel when film/resolution gate with opacity 1 enabled
  • Fixed file cube maps in HDR

New features in version 3.1 (august 2012)

  • Added support for render region in output node
  • Added render region overscan into render settings node
  • Added pivot (absolute or relative to mesh center) for reflections
  • Added support for invert attribute in texture node
  • Added reflection distance attenuation controled by curve
  • Fixed transparency and alpha mask with RGBA textures
  • Fluid density/fuel/temperature gradient methods added
  • Some fluid and particles fixes and fixes for far objects
  • Fixed textures and maya textures reloading
  • Fixed resolution dependency in some screen space effects
  • Fixed fluids, particles, stereo camera and screen space effects in render region
  • Fixed ramp shader
  • Some hair fixes with ambient light, fog and reflections
  • Fixed sub-surface scattering on object with components
  • Some reflection fixes.

New features in version 3.0 (june 2012)

  • Indirect lighting for spot lights
  • Area lights
  • Object light emission for any mesh in scene
  • Support for all 2D Maya textures (including procedural!)
  • Particles - support for Maya particles with real shadows
  • Maya 2013 support
  • Car Paint material
  • Cartoon material
  • Anisotropic material
  • Integration of FurryBall as renderer
  • Realistic reflections and refractions
  • Numerous stability fixes and enhancements

Release notes for FurryBall 2

Release notes for FurryBall 1