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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

FurryBall RT vs. FurryBall 4.8


  • FurryBall RT is the latest and most advanced product replacing old FurryBall 4.8.
  • FurryBall 4.8 is discontinued in 2015 and RT version is much faster and more advanced.

  • FurryBall 4.8 was partly Rasterised based, so it supports also AMD and INTEL GPUs (but not for RAYTRACE). It was game engine in fact.

  • FurryBall 4.8 Requires DX11 GPU

  • Both FurryBall versions can be installed on the same computer, but only one version can be loaded at the same time in Maya.

  • Some features in 4.8 was limited (Raytrace was supported for NVIDIA only) - We recommended to use FurryBall RT in all cases.

Activation problems

My activation fails

  • Be sure, you have access to the internet and your firewall is opened for FurryBall (Standalone, Maya, 3DS Max or Cinema 4D).

  • Be sure, you have correct DATE and TIME and TIME ZONE in your system.

My license is blocked

  • Your 30 days period expire - you have to reactivate your license in FurryBall standalone app. over the internet. (Be sure you don't have blocked communication with our server by some firewall!)

  • Free version does not expire, for more details refer to the Free version page.
  • Be sure, you have correct DATE and TIME and TIME ZONE in your system.

When I deactivate the license, does it take one of my 3 activations?

  • No, 3 activations limit is just for 3 different hardware. In a case of deactivation, there is NO different hardware.

Rendering problems FAQ

Please always use the latest graphics card drivers.

Objects not being rendered by FurryBall, scene is black, but they are in Maya render.

  • Problems can be:

    • reversed normals

    • Lightlinks

    • No light

    • Unsupported shader or geometry

    • Missing texturing coordinates (UV)

What happened with FurryBall nodes on the computer WITHOUT FurryBall?

  • FurryBall nodes will NOT be editable and visible, but you can work with a scene as you like. When you open you scene again on a computer (with FurryBall installed) all references to FurryBall will be restored.

I'm using Maya 2011 and my viewport is black.

  • For Maya 2011 you will need hotfix 2 or 3.

Other problem with rendering - FurryBall is NOT rendering.

  1. Send your LOG from FurryBall.exe application (under menu Help)
  2. Send from your ERROR REPORTING your DRIVER VERSION (under menu Help)
  3. Send us your Maya or Max version
  4. Describe DEEPLY your problem. If your FurryBall STOPPED rendering, describe what was changed on your computer (New Hardware, new software installation)
  5. Send your problem to FurryBall support forum.

Licensing FAQ


What does FurryBall Rental mean?

  • We rent to you license of FurryBall which includes FREE updates and support for chosen time period   (1-3-6 months). After this period license stops working.
  • Example 1: You buy will FurryBall 4.x rental. When we release FurryBall RT  or any other version, you will get this version automatically for FREE in your rental period.
  • Example 2: You work on some complex project and  you need more computers for render farm for limited period, then you can buy FurryBall Rental for 3 months.§

When I deactivate the license, does it take one of my 3 activations?

  • No, 3 activations limit is just for 3 different hardware. In the case of deactivation, there is NO different hardware.

I have error "License error: Your maintenance expired. This FurryBall version isn't supported by your maintenance..."

  • You probably installed the newest version, then is your Maintenace expiration date. You can prolong your Maintenace, or you have to install the older version of FurryBall before a date of your Maintenance expired.


    Trial Watermarked mode

    • Offline mode
    • Watermarked
    • Free version must be activated and reactivated each 30 days over internet - never expires
    • Resolution limit is Full HD (1920x1080)
    • Can be used for evaluations, personal learning, experimentation, research

What is Credit version?

How can I build render farm?

  • You can render over Maya, Cinema or Max (Maya batch, or Maya prompt - render.exe - from the command line).
  • You can use any Render Manager which support Maya, Max or Cinema or General script based batch manager  like Smedge, Backburner...
  • There has NO effect to split single frame over a network for GPU rendering. More effective is when each computer renders a bunch of frames. (1-5, 5-10, 10-15...)
  • For each computer in render farm you need FurryBall license (Can be Permanent, Rental or Credit), but FurryBall RT is so powerful, that you can use a couple of your workstation machines overnight to render your jobs. (We use this way in our studio too). 
  • Number of GPU in the single computer is unlimited, but we recommend 3-4 at maximum because more GPU is not so effective and overhead is too big.
  • Here is recommended GPUs and memory consumption examples.

What does it mean Network rendering? (FurryBall 4.8 only)

  • Network rendering NOT splits single frame to multiple NETWORK computer.
  • Network rendering is the remote rendering in fact. You will start FurryBall server on one machine and remotely connect this machine over a network (or over the internet). There is NO necessary the license on client computer!
  • You can run a client on Notebook for example and connect to powerful render machine. 
  • FurryBall Network is included in ALL licenses (except the Standalone license only).
  • Each FurryBall license contains ONE rendering client. It can be used LOCALLY, or REMOTELY by Network - to ONE FurryBall Network server can connect just ONE client.

What exactly mean Standalone license - can I render over Network? (FurryBall 4.8 only)

  • No, Standalone is ONLY for rendering exported FurryBall files from Maya or 3DS Max. 
    If you want to connect remotely to FurryBall server, you need the license with CLIENT.
    The client is included in REGULAR FurryBall licenses. To this license, you can connect from ANY computer from your studio. Plugin part IS NOT licensed and can be installed on ANY computer.

What does Maintenance mean?

  • The Maintenance subscription for permanent license  cost 199,- EUR per year

  • You will get always the latest FurryBall build for free during your annual period
  • Maintenance can be annually prolonged
  • You will get priority support on our forum during your annual period. 
  • We are happy, our customers are satisfied with our support:
    "Your support is one of the great assets of Furryball and makes it stand apart from any renderer I've used! Thanks a lot for your fast replies and immediate bugfixes!!"
  • The Maintenance helps us keep FurryBall always up to date for our customers.
  • Example: You buy will FurryBall 4.x with Maintenance. When we release FurryBall RT or any other version, you will get this version automatically for FREE in your annual period.

Is it possible to use one FurryBall license on more computers?

  • Yes, the license is NODE locked, but you can change single license between up to 3 different hardware (Number is limited because of piracy protection)
  • The license is per workstation - a number of GPUs in a computer is UNLIMITED.

Do I need FurryBall license for each GPU?

  • No, the license is per workstation - number of GPUs in computer is UNLIMITED (Except the EDU and NON-Commercial)

Does full version require the internet connection?

  • No, the full version is NODE LOCKED - and DOESN'T require the internet connection like the FREE version. You can activate FurryBall RT offline in your account.

What is FurryBall Hardware ID (HWID)?

  • HWID is used just in older FurryBall 4.8 - FurryBall RT used serial number instead it.
  • FurryBall HWID is a string generated from your hardware configuration and is used to create your license in FuryBall 4.
  • To get your HWID on the computer, where FurryBall will be installed use our FurryBall standalone utility.

Is there HWID changes, when I change my GPU?

  • NO, HWID changes ONLY, when you change your Motherboard or Network card or you deactivate WIFI for example.
  • You can change HWID in your account.

My hardware configuration changed, FurryBall won't work anymore. What do I do?

License is NOT working

I have a problem with my license. What do I do?

  • Check your path to the file license.dat in FurryBall standalone.
  • Be sure, you have correct DATE and TIME and TIME ZONE on your system
  • The license.dat from FurryBall 1, 2 or 3 is incompatible with FurryBall 4.x so be sure you use the new one.

  • Use HWID utility to be sure, you have SAME HWID as your license request.
  • Try to restart FurryBall Standalone application or again "Browse" to your license file.
  • Describe your problem on Support forum include this:
  1. Send your LOG from FurryBall.exe application (under menu Help)
  2. Send from your ERROR REPORTING your DRIVER VERSION (under menu Help)
  3. Send us your Maya or Max version
  4. Describe WHAT was changed in your computer that license stop working (New Hardware, new software installation)
  5. Send your problem to FurryBall support forum.

My hardware configuration changed, FurryBall won't work anymore. What do I do?

My HWID is always changing. What to do?

  • Be sure you removed ALL USB devices and in some cases also turn off WIFI or remove network cable. Some network providers cause changes in HWID.
  • After you got proper HWID, you can again use your WIFI or USB devices.

Hardware and operating system FAQ

Please always use the latest graphics card drivers.

Will FurryBall  run on my computer?

Is it multi-GPU solution supported - SLI

  • You can use MULTIPLE GPUs. All CUDA core cards in the system will be selected in FurryBall standalone app - NOT use SLI. (SLI causes lower GPU memory.)

  • We strongly recommend combine only SAME GPUs. Combining LOW and HIGH card in one computer can be paradoxically slower, than only one single GPU. 
  • You can't combine MAXWELL, KEPLER, FERMI and TESLA cards together. (for example: Titan core is KEPLER, but TITAN X is MAXWELL) - More info.
  • You can find best MULTI-GPU configuration for you on our benchmark page.

  • Your GPU card memory WILL NOT DOUBLE when you use 2x Titan with 6GB, your total memory will be still just 6GB!


Is the GPU memory important?

  • Yes, GPU memory is the most important for GPU rendering. For serious ray trace we recommended at least 3 - 6 GB.

Why FurryBall shows different memory than I have on my GPU?

  • When you have for example 3 GB GPU and FurryBall shows you "just" 2200 MB available. Why? This is because FurryBall is not only one who use your GPU. Your GPU memory is used also by a system and other applications. It's similar to system memory.

Is the CPU performance important?

  • FurryBall uses the ONLY GPU for rendering, so most of the time the CPU is idle and is not so important.

  • An expensive Extra-multi-core CPU is not required, but a fast multi-core CPU will improve the scene loading speed and working in 3D application. As usual.
  • Also, there are some cases CPU matters as well, usually when rendering huge scenes with lots of objects, using Maya procedural texturing etc.

Why won't FurryBall work with Windows XP?

  • FurryBall needs Microsoft DirectX 11 features - Windows XP supports DX9 only. Sorry.

Is any other OS supported?

Are you planning a version for Mac OSX or Linux?

  • Yes, we have Linux and OSX in our Road plan.
  • OSX version is almost ready and we hope to release the first OSX beta in 3/4 2016.
  • The only possibility to run FurryBall on Apple is Bootcamp or other dual boot software for OSX.

You said to use the newest drivers, I installed them (they were released this week) and FurryBall crashes!?

  • Sometimes, hardware vendors strengthen, loosen or otherwise change standards and other stuff in their drivers. And programs start crashing.

  • We're always trying to keep track of any errors regarding drivers, but it might happen that it takes us time to figure out the changes.

  • If this happens, use the last known working driver version in the meantime, instead of a completely fresh one.

  • Also report this to our forums, please!